Idol kids

I wonder how it would be like to grow up as an idol. Seeing a projection of yourself as a normal preteen-teenager-adult in the ancient history of your computer and phone memory or social media account is dreadful enough, with an option to delete and respectfully forget, let alone videos and photos on NATIONAL MASS MEDIA AND THE INTERNET FOREVER AND TO INFINITY. No one forgets, recorded in the digital and physical mind, of regretful hairstyles, baby faces, and adult-but-not-quite-adult behaviours and actions that idols need to provide as their job (and hopefully out of their private lives), to be brought up as jokes reminiscing these embarrassing stages of life to the older adult on a variety show. God bless their hardened souls.

First Entry, Consumer Reflection

I'm not much of a person who initiates output in my personal life, as opposed to input. When it comes to ingesting as much digital data as I can, I would usually take and leave without leaving a trace. I've been trying to leave more gratitude comments on their posts though. Here's to turning over a new tab/leaf.